I’m launching a Micro Cakery!

Exciting news here at Bakers Escape. I’m launching a Micro Cakery in Surrey very soon, Cocoa Caramel! I’ve stepped away from five star kitchens and London life to return home to Surrey and open up my very own business.

We will be offering Postal Sourdough Babka that will be posted straight to your door (within the UK!) and Luxury Buttercream Celebration Cakes for collection within the area.

The launch of my online shop is well underway and is in it’s final tweaking stages. One of the major pieces that I need to finish my set up is purchasing a lovely new mixer to allow for larger production. This will be the final puzzle piece to help me in my mission to bringing beautiful artisan food into peoples homes.

Because of this, I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise some funds. Please click here to view my Kickstarter page. There are a couple of ways in which you can help me. You can simply donate some money to the project or you can purchase rewards for your donations. These include items that will be in our shop when Cocoa Caramel launches.


Postal Sourdough Babka

My Micro Cakery will be offering two types of products. The first being a Postal Sourdough Babka range. A naturally leavened dough, enriched with lots of butter and filled with a variety of indulgent fillings. We will offer three flavours at a time, changing with the seasons. These are made fresh, over a three day process, and will be posted guaranteed 1pm next day delivery to keep the Babka at its freshest.

I’ll be offering the Single Origin, 70% Dark Chocolate Sourdough Babka and the Brown Butter, Muscovado & Pecan Sourdough Babka on my Kickstarter as rewards for pledges. Click here to view them.

Luxury Buttercream Celebration Cakes *COLLECTION ONLY*

What is a birthday without a cake?! In my eyes, any celebration needs cake. Some of my favourite memories are accompanied by a delicious slice. Often the centrepiece to a party, I feel that celebration cakes need to be beautiful as well as delicious. 

We will be offering a bespoke cake service. However, I understand that not everyone wants to go through the process of bespoke orders. Because of this, we will also be offering 3 types of pre-designed cakes. These can be adjusted to fit your party size, collection date and optional message hand written on top of the cake. A permanent fixture to the cake menu will be ‘The Cocoa Caramel.’ All the flavours and textures I love encapsulated into a cake. Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Malt Buttercream. Along with this, will be two cakes which change with every season.

The Cocoa Caramel Celebration Cake will be on offer on my Kickstarter as a reward for pledges, for collection in the local area. Click here to view.

I just want to thank you all for reading my blog all these years, it’s been one of my favourite places on the internet for a long time.

If you’d like to see my Kickstarter and pledge a donation please click here.

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Chai-spiced Honey Brioche Knots

Life seems to be ever changing at the moment but at the same time, standing completely still. Life’s never been so different with current politics and Covid. We’ve all had to adapt and change our everyday routines although life is quite stagnant. Days which I would usually look forward to celebrating seem to be passing me by like any other. So how do I find joy in what could be seen as a grey world right now? Well, the comfort of food.

I seek solace in my kitchen whether it be a simple slice of hot toast, or one of these fragrant buns. I can forget about the world outside and its just me and my bakes. I hope that these can also bring you a lift in times when other little happiness’s are absent. Lets revel in the smaller delights.

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Chewy Macadamia + Apricot Oat Cookies

Cold brisk mornings, cosy evenings spent at home and light salads exchanged for filling, rich comfort foods. With this Autumnal weather having arrived in full force I’ve been craving a more hearty biscuit. One that will accompany an afternoon cupper on a cool October day.

I think that Oat cookies are so underrated. I feel like they’re kind of overlooked in the baking world but I’m here to give them a moment in the spotlight.

These beauties have a thick chewy centre with a thin crisp golden edge. The toasted macadamia nuts give you a great savoury bite amongst the sweet morsels of dried apricot. I’ve used a mixture of soft brown sugar and caster sugar to give them a slight caramel flavour, while the added malt extract gives these they’re distinct chew.

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Lemon + Raspberry Layer Cake

This recipe has been waiting to pop up on here for a few months. For a while, I thought it was destined to stay that way until I realised it was coming into Autumn. Soon I would lose out on posting it due to seasonality and it almost not ‘fitting in.’ Before we are engulfed by all things beige, I’m sending you something with a hint of colour.

I love making my friends and family cakes for special occasions and this Raspberry & Lemon cake was made for my sisters 30th birthday. The elegant duo of lemon and raspberry is a classic and always goes down well. The sponge is tender, contrasting against the raspberry jam that punches through. All coated in a delicate, glossy swiss meringue buttercream which is both zesty and light.

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Sticky Butterscotch Stem Ginger Cake

Nothing evokes the feeling of a cosy Autumnal evening quite like a slice of sticky ginger cake. The thought of its dark luring crumb and spiced ginger aroma wafting through the house is enough to make me crave it. Sticky toffee pudding is I think, one of the best baking inventions possibly ever. So I thought I would combine the two for a perfect warming treat.

This cake stays fresh and moist for a couple of days, making it an even more rewarding bake. It’s my favourite way to end a long day. A bowl of warm sticky ginger cake doused in indulgent dark toffee sauce nestled under a blanket with the cold autumnal evening outside.

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Late Summer Greengage, Marmalade + Almond Tart

Its taken me a while to get this recipe up. As the world slowly went back to a new kind of normal, a lot of the free time I’ve had over the last few months has all but evaporated. However, I did manage to make time to squeeze in a bake using some of these gorgeous Greengages.

For me, late summer and early autumn is a time for seasonal fruits. A glut of ripe ingredients ready to snap up. Blink and they’ll be gone before winter sets in. Figs, Greengages, Damsons and Mirabelle’s are among my favourites this time of year. A great time to pickle, jam and preserve them before they’re gone. Also perfectly delightful to eat alone.

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No-Bake Dark Chocolate Oat + Nut Snack Bars


There is something comforting about having cake in the house. A peckish craving springs in the mid-afternoon and a slice of cake with coffee is calling your name. Although, sometimes I want something slightly more nutritious waiting for me.

Whenever I’m working I don’t really have time for a proper sit down breakfast. It’s up and out the door in half an hour and having something I can grab on the way out is really useful.

I’ve been trying to make healthy breakfast-type bars for months now. All of my attempts  were either way too sweet or tasted great but didn’t have the soft chewy texture I was after. I’m kind of put off by shop bought oat bars since they’re usually packed full of sugar and expensive.

These are easy, delicious and quick to make. No oven required, so great to make on a hot summers day when the thought of turning on your oven sends visions of burning hell. Peanut butter, oats, dark chocolate and nuts make these a wonderful filling snack.


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Rugbrød (Danish Rye Bread)


Those of you that know me, know that I have a real love affair with the Scandinavian way of life. I love the food, the cooler weather, the idea of long summer days, the Fika culture of coffee and cake with friends and the lovely hues of the painted buildings. If I were to choose somewhere to live other than the UK, it would undoubtedly be in one of those countries.

I gifted my mum the cookbook ‘The New Nordic’ by Simon Bajada after our trip to Iceland a few years ago. On my last visit home I found myself flitting through the pages, noting recipes I couldn’t wait to try, when I came across this Rye bread. I love Smørrebrød (a traditional Scandinavian open sandwich), of which Rye bread is an essential part.

Traditional Rugbrød is made with a sourdough starter however, Simon Bajada’s version uses a pre-soak made 18-24 hours before the dough is made to give it that sour taste without the hassle of tending to a sourdough starter.

My first attempt was sunken in the middle and raw. I knew when I had made the dough that it seemed too wet so, for my second I decided to add a little more flour and it turned out perfectly.

Rye bread stays fresher for much longer than white bread and is packed full of goodness. Cracked rye grains, sunflower seeds and linseeds means this bread is really filling without being too heavy.


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